How can YOU help?

We can each DO something… doing nothing is NOT an option! Do Something! do something


You can be part of our strategic approach to Victim Support. No matter who you are and what sector you represent you can do something…



To partner with us to support this cause, you may:

  • Volunteer – VSF offers an outstanding volunteer experience as there are over 8 different committees for serving.  You can volunteer if you are over 25 years of age, reliable and trustworthy, tenacious, physically fit, a calm demeanour, a deep passion to help others and the ability to handle emergency situations.  Prior training or experience in basic counselling techniques is considered but not required. Check us on Facebook for our upcoming training sessions.
  • Offer professional  services – Clinical therapists, psychologists, trauma/crisis counsellors,  lay counsellors trained in trauma/crisis management, attorneys at law, emergency response operators, research officers, administrators and such.
  • Offer partner services – to provide practical support such as:
    • Other NPO’s and state agencies that currently provide counselling support in various communities throughout the country.
    • Corporate agencies that provide services relevant to the physical needs of the victim, like:
      • Security companies: Replacing or installing locks, surveillance cameras and such.
      • Construction companies: Replacing or installing windows, doors, gates, etc.
      • Hotels: Providing temporary accommodation for displaced victims because of forensic process, crime scene cleaning or as recommended by a psychologist.
  • Attend our events
  • Purchase our exclusive VSF memorabilia
  • Attend our annual training courses and equip yourself to effectively help the hurting among us.
  • Like us on facebook and participate in our awareness drives, especially in the month of November. 
  • Become a donor today !.. adopt a client or a project and help save our future.


Simply complete the Contact Form indicating your area of interest, and your valuable contribution to lives of  the many victims of violent crime begins.