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“I feel numb! This was an out of body experience… everyone is talking around me but in my head I am hearing silence… thinking this is just a nightmare… someone will wake me soon and things would be back to normal. I waited… and waited… and waited. OK, this is NOT a dream… where is my husband?… I need answers, but I can’t formulate a question in my head that would make sense of this!… I need help… God, are you there?”

That was me a couple years ago. I have come such a long way. But, not without support.  Firstly, prayer…. much prayer. Secondly, family support- after being guided by VSF on techniques for handling and assisting in my recovery, they proved to be iconic along this journey.  Thirdly, VSF psychological support through therapy sessions that were comforting, guiding, restorative and accommodating.

I know the journey continues but I am certainly not where I used to be, and I am indeed grateful.

VIT (victor in training).

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Resource reviews with Caron. captivating book reviews of impacting resource novels and books, featured quarterly in The Southerner. Done by Caron Asgarali- Author, Teacher and Survivor

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Dear Diary! –  Article excerpts of interviews with direct and indirect victims of violent crime by Ms. Nichelle Dottin-John B.A. Psychology & Counselling.

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