Heaven’s Rain Recovery Groups

Our Recovery Support groups are geared at empowering trauma victims to embrace hope and seek help in making progress toward developing their new normal. It applies a cinema-therapy approach using our signature movie Heaven’s Rain along with our HR-Trauma-Recovery-Guide  written and developed by Dr Julea Douglass of Heaven’s Rain Productions, USA.


The movie along with Recovery Guide has proven to be a life changing tool in charting the recovery journey for many, and is delivered in a safe confidential environment. For only  two hours for 8 weeks  the journey explores topics such as: Finding Commonality, Restoring Relationships, Seeking Justice and much more.


The author of the program recommends a few guidelines for an effective recovery group:

  • have a consistent private space for the entire program
  • try at best not to miss a session- be consistent, this may be the only aspect of their lives that are dependable and consistent.
  • a maximum of 12 sessions- 2 hours per week so that they are not overwhelmed by the topics
  • a maximum of 16 persons for every 2 group leaders
  • groups should not be co-gender, either all female or all male.
  • plan a small celebration at the end to mark the emotional success
  • keep in contact after and have a follow-up at 6 months to 1 year after.
  • please provide water and tissues.
  • heaven’s rain DVD, manuals and pencils would be provided by VSF
To improve individual recovery, we recommend that persons be:
  • 18 years and over
  • committed to the entire 12 weeks
  • not have family relations in the group
  • at least 6 months to 1 year after their most recent trauma
  • not be currently still associated or in the environment of the trauma source. (.i.e living with the abuser’s, in court proceeding. etc)
  • ready to move forward from the trauma
  • at least mildly literate as the manuals do require reading and writing

Register today to host or join a support group near you.  Training is available to start a support group in your community, once your Application is approved.

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