Victim’s Rights

We Believe

We believe that victims should be treated with fairness and respect for his or her privacy and dignity; free of intimidation, harassment and exploitation throughout the process of seeking justice.


We believe that all victims have a voice whether or not the crime is reported.

We believe a Batterers Intervention Program is an influential tool in addressing violence against women in our local society.

We believe the safety of the victim and family should be considered in fixing the amount of bail and release conditions of the perpetrator.

We believe in the basic tenants of Restorative Justice  as the effects of crime cannot be addressed in isolation. Collateral damage is far reaching and widespread and as such so should the restorative effects of justice.

We believe media plays a significant role in a victim’s recovery process and should not be taken for granted. Respectful reporting is a healthy and successful approach for media to handle victims with respect including any violence against women. 

We believe media can enhance its community impact by having follow up reports on the persons they report on, especially victims.

We believe that victim’s property should be promptly returned once it is no longer needed as evidence.

We believe that the victim should be given notice of parole, escape or release of their offenders and that the safety of the victim and family be considered before parole or post-judgment decisions is made.

We believe employers must make every reasonable effort to offer emotional and mental support to their employees in response to personal or on-the-job trauma from crime.