Thank you!

Thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us beauty for ashes!thanks

Thank you to those who are our hands and feet, making support possible for those who need it the most …


  • Friends, Family, Volunteers, Executive Board

  • Security and Protective Services Limited, San Fernando

  • Carilite Communication Limited , San Fernando

  • Saga Studios Limited, Diego Martin

  • Hayden Geeawan

  • Superior Wealth & Advisory Services Limited, Debe

  • Options Exclusive , San Fernando

  • Caribbean Life Resources Centre, San Fernando

  • Douglas and Associates, St Augustine

  • Heaven’s Rain Production, USA

  • Prive Restaurant and Auditorium, Southern Main Road, La Romain

  • Nichossa Restaurant, Gulf View Link Road, San Fernando

  • National Lotteries Control Board

  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited