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  • Our Community Support groups are geared at empowering trauma victims to embrace hope and seek help in making progress toward developing their new normal. It applies a cinema-therapy approach using our signature movie Heaven’s Rain along with our HR-Trauma-Recovery-Guide  written and developed by Dr Julea Douglass of Heaven’s Rain Productions, USA.


The movie along with Recovery Guide has proven to be a life changing tool in charting the recovery journey for many, and is delivered in a safe confidential environment. For only  two hours for 8 weeks  the journey explores topics such as: Finding Commonality, Restoring Relationships, Seeking Justice and much more.

Register today to join a support group near you or sign up for training to start a support group in your community.











  •   the Mariposa Art Project seeks to offer a creative opportunity for events or hospitality businesses to support victims of violent crime. Just three steps away from an awesome opportunity to showcase hope with your ‘colourful support’ using our beautiful art pieces.
  • macaws Step 1 Call or email us to request a review of our current collection.
    • Step 2 Select art pieces that would compliment your décor at your event, restaurant or hotel, at no cost to you.
    • Step 3 Prepare your wall for the display of the piece according to our specifications; or  identify positions for easels.

We deliver, erect it, and viola!… you partnered with us to bring hope to a victim and gallery locally hand-crafted art throughout Trinidad and Tobago.  Your business would also be featured as the ‘home’ for specific pieces, on our Mariposa Art Project social media.  Sale of these pieces go towards the efforts of Victim Support Foundation.


  2013 Project

This project would be piloted in the city of San Fernando to empower residents who may have been directly or indirectly affected by crime. Its phases include:

  • training AdPhase 1Training– Victims of Violent Crime Group Recovery Workshop on March 1st & 2nd 2013 at Royal Hotel, San Fernando. Cost $300. per person. Training to be conducted by the Recovery Guide’s author- Dr Julea Douglass of Heaven’s Rain Production, USA. Click  ‘inquiry’ here to register

HR-Butterfly1Phase 2– Exclusive Movie Screening of Heaven’s Rain, a life changing true story with guest appearance by author, producer and US Senator Brooks Douglass on March 3rd 2013 at Empire Cinema, San Fernando from 1 pm.  At a cost of $60 per ticket patrons would enjoy light refreshments, a life-changing movie and an opportunity to greet the movie’s co-star and executive producer, US Senator Brooks Douglass. Movie tickets are available for purchase at Empire Cinema, Penitence Street or Maranatha Gift Centre, Ruth Avenue both of San Fernando.

Phase 3Group Therapy– Delivery of Recovery Guide material, 2 hours per week for 8 weeks at one of five community centers in and around San Fernando. The program closes mid-May with sessions on Self Defense and Community Safety. Groups are available at Mon Repos, Pleasantville, Ste Madeline, Vistabella and Gulf View complexes.

Encourage others who may benefit from this project to attend the movie screening and participate in subsequent support groups throughout San Fernando. Counsellors click here.

We appreciate special support by our Magenta Partners, Saga Studios Limited, Security & Protective Services Limited, and Community Complex Partners, and Empire Cinema.