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Items above-now available at Maranatha Book & Gift Centre, Ruth Avenue, San Fernando



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Items above are a few pieces from our Mariposa Art Project. Decorate your retail store with these local art pieces and partner with us to provide ‘colouful support’ for victims of violent crime.



Gorgeous white metal frame candle stands

with glass holders and candles.  5in x 4.5in

TT$60.00 each

Exquisite glass, metal framed jewel boxes

TT$120.00 each


Pamper yourself with this sophisticated

glass perfume bottle with crystal applicator


This unique nightlight would soothe any restless night.

Metal framed mosaic 5 sq. in. two colour combinations available. Blue & purple or orange and copper.

TT$89.00 each


Battimamzelle Beauty Works of Atlanta, GA. Unique blend of exotic soaps. Organic ingredients of cocoa butter, carrot, coconut, marigold, exfoliating apricot seed, oat meal, orange, aloe vera, tea tree oil, cucumber or avocado. All moulded in unusual shapes.

TT$40.00 each

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